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Slim Arms All the Way; not Bulky, Chunky, Ugly Arms

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The arm workouts I follow give me fantastic results - they impart graceful, slim and well-toned appearance to my arms!

Ahem....I think I look "gorgeous" and elegant in slim-cut sleeveless outfits that show off my gracefully slender arms. I feel flatteringly feminine and "sexy".

I jump at every opportunity to show off my slim, firm arms. And I know very well that I don't have to worry anymore about flabby upper arms swaying in the air as I lift them up! This is an extra exhilaration and the most pleasing visual satisfaction!

So, have you toned and exercised your arms lately?

Arms Toning


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Probably not because you're more concerned about toning your stomach, thighs and butts - the areas you think most needed working out. Right?

You shouldn't because your arms are another very visible part of you which need to be toned and exercised too.

Well, what I want to share is that consistent arm workouts/arm exercises not only give me strong arms, they also benefit my workouts on my chest, shoulders and back as the stronger arms provide good solid bases to help these muscles in their respective movements and speed up my chest, shoulder and back workout results.

What can you Expect from Regular Arm Workouts?

Well, you can get fairly quick results since arm muscles store lesser fat, making it easier to melt away, hence allowing leaner muscles to be readily visible.

I would say the regular arm routines I featured here have helped me a lot in slimming down and firming up my arms. They zero-in on the most important arm muscle areas: biceps, triceps and forearm.

Let's Get to Know the Arm Muscles, You'll Love Them!

It's a plus to know your arm muscles first before you launch into the actual arm workouts because you would feel confident working them out to their best forms.

Your arm muscles are made up of:

  • Biceps - arm muscles found in your front upper arm that help you to bend your arms forward

  • Triceps - arm muscles found in your back upper arm that help you to straighten your arms

  • Forearm Flexors and Extensors - arm muscles that run from your hand to your elbow on both sides of your forearm

For good result, I recommend arm exercises which work on all 3 of them:

  • Your biceps

    Toning these muscles will make your upper arms less saggy

  • Your triceps

    Toning these muscles will give shape and definition to your upper arms

  • Your forearm flexors and extensors

    Toning these muscles gives your lower arm good shape and helps to prevent condition such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (when tendons or ligaments in the wrist become enlarged, often through repetitive movements at work, e.g. typing on the computer keyboard)

Arm Workout Routine

The arm routine I feature here place extra attention on the triceps which account for 70% of the muscle mass in your upper arm.

Genetically, we ladies tend to accumulate fat in this area and if neglected, they become quite flabby.

Now, to the routine!

Ah! You may be plagued by this - which is the best bicep exercise for you?

I provide a tight "nutshell" choice for you here.

Have tingling, burning or numbness sensation in your wrist and forearm?

Check out these helpful forearm and wrist exercises.

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