Why Go for Whole Body Toning Exercises?

With whole body toning exercises, you get to sculpt a dreamed well-toned, well-balanced and well-proportioned svelte body! You want that, right?

And I'm all for it!

I know you'd say: "I just want to tone specific troubled areas that I feel need to workout most......"

Like you just want to tone your thighs and legs, chisel definition into your butts or carve out a firmer and flatter tummy.

Or you just want to tone other muscles to achieve your goal of muscle toning.

Whole Body

Toning Video

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Hey, no probs there. Every one has one or two or more troubled areas to take care of first.....

Go for it! Follow the individual muscle toning exercise routine outlined in this site, and soon you'll have your muscles in well-toned and well-sculpted condition.

But after this, you should consider the total picture.

Meaning, you don't just tone specific troubled areas but you tone all muscles in your body, all at one go, so that you've whole body sculpting effect and whole body health and fitness.

Plus I want you to know the good and bad of spot toning.

And I know you'd Asked this as Well

You know, a routine of whole body toning exercises that you can do in just 60 minutes a week with 3 split 20-minute sessions.

Your Whole Body Toning Exercise Workout

20-minute Workout Routine

Order Muscles Exercise To Be Performed
1. Butt Exercise 3: Squat And Pulse
2. Outer Thighs Exercise 1: Squat Using Step
3. Inner Thighs Exercise 3: Inner Thigh Press Out
4. Legs - Quadriceps Exercise 1: Lunge
5. Legs - Hamstrings Exercise 1: The Heel Curl
6. Legs - Calf Exercise 2: The Heel Raise
7. Upper Back Exercise 2: Dumbbell Lift
8. Lower Back Exercise 2: Lower Back Lift
9. Chest - Pectorals Exercise 1: The Push Up
10. Shoulders - Deltoid Exercise 2: Side Raise
11. Shoulders - Rotator Cuff Exercises 1 & 2: External Rotation & Internal Rotation
12. Upper Arms - Bicep Exercise 1: Bicep Curl Using Dumbbell
13. Upper Arms - Triceps Exercise 3: Triceps Kickback
14. Forearm Exercise 1: Wrist Curl
15. Stomach Exercise 1: Bicycle Maneuver
16. Stomach Exercise 2: Captain's Chair

  • This whole body workout program works your muscles from the largest to the smallest, so do them in the order listed

  • Do 10 to 15 reps for each exercise

I Package the Whole Body Routine with these "Signature" Components:

woman doing pushups

You'd be wondering: "Goodness! Looks like I'm not just doing a 20-minute body toning exercise here!"

Hey, wait, don't get frightened and don't go away just yet!

You'll see the beauty and logic of this entire routine.

For one, you'd be happy to know you won't always have to slow down or lay off your exercise due to the troublesome injuries!

For the other, the routine gives you optimal fitness because it's a well-balanced workout.

Look! All for the good of your body!


Oh, yeah.

I also package this entire routine into the individual muscle toning exercise session - arm, shoulder, back, chest, stomach, hip, thigh, leg and butt.

"Oh.....Heck! I just want to tone my specific troubled areas and now I got to do all these?"

Don't groan just yet.

Well, nobody ever just do toning alone; it's not a stand-alone exercise.

It's done with this entire package thrown in, you know, for your optimal fitness and for a well-balanced workout.


First, you warm up to raise your body temperature and warm up your muscles to prepare them for the toning workout ahead.

Second, you get your heart and lungs exercised through cardio so that they're in tip-top condition. And you burn body fat as well.

Third, you sculpt beautiful curves and definitions into your muscles (by the way, this is the meaty part of your exercise!).

Fourth, you cool down to take care of your heart.

And fifth, you stretch to gain flexibility in your muscles.......

I say, doesn't this fit the bill of an overall balanced exercise program?

You bet.


After these "grueling" sessions, how about replenish your body with a muscle repair meal?

The Best Combination - Whole Body Toning Exercises + Cardios + A Smart Weight Loss Diet

OK. The hard fact you need to know about exercise and weight loss is:

  • That you can't spot reduce, meaning no matter how many times you do the "thigh lifts", the size of your thighs will not go down.

    What takes place is the conditioning and strengthening of the muscles underneath your thighs which have become firmer and the burning off of your overall body fat

  • When you take on the healthy weight loss diet, you lose weight off your entire body, not just off your thigh part 

A combination of whole body toning exercises, cardios and a smart healthy weight loss diet will help you to achieve quicker results than just doing toning exercise alone.

Better still, let's throw in body weight calculation that will indicate whether you're underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese, so you can better plan out your exercise and weight loss programs.

Customised Whole Body Toning Exercise Routine

You know, you can come up with the routine for a whole body workout.

It's easy - just go by this rule: it should cater to your body need and body shape, where in this way it will better result in a well-balanced and well-proportioned body for you. Hey! You know your body best, right?

What I Want to Share with you is this:

It's not hard to have a well-toned, well-balanced and well-proportioned beautiful body.

All you need to do is just get committed and start the whole body toning exercises today!

Hey, tell you what -

There's another way to sculpt a well-toned, well-balanced and well-proportioned beautiful body - by doing it in water!

Not convinced?

Check out these fantastic water exercises.

You'll be bowled over by the power and beauty of water on your body!


I discover, not too long ago, by accident, really - exercise ball workout is yet another fabulous whole body toning exercise routine!

Wanna be adventurous with your body and workout?

Then get on the ball and......

Roll it!

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