Calculate Ideal Body Weight Is Easy Get Gender, Height & Body Frame Size

Calculate Ideal Body Weight Involves Deeper Thing

To calculate ideal body weight, it is simple: gender, height and body frame size determine your body weight. The deeper thing - how to maintain a healthy body weight takes more effort.

Is there an "ideal" body weight for you and me and every one else?

"Ideal"? When you kind of compare yourself with someone whose body you envy to decide how much you should weigh?

You know, when you hotly yearn for some celebs' figures and secretly emulate everything he or she does, hoping to get that "desired", "ideal" body weight and that sexy body?

Awww.....Deja vu for you?

What if I tell you that you should calculate ideal body weight that's in line with the concept of healthy body weight?

This is because in the first place, it's kind of hard to get an "ideal" body weight.

I would go for a healthy body weight - it reduces our risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problem and certain cancers.

How to Calculate Ideal Body Weight?

calculating ideal body weight

Your (and mine) body weight depends on our gender, height and body frame size.

Obviously just body weight alone won't pull the punch. We got to do some "pottering around" to decide how much fat and how many calories too, to get and maintain a healthy body weight.

For us ladies, a more "savvy" way, hmm.... to calculate "body weight is like this:

The base height: 5 ft.

Body weight: 100 lbs.

Then, for every additional inch above 5 ft, add 5 lbs.

If you're shorter than 5 ft, minus 5 lbs for every inch you measure below 5 ft.

Ah, now comes the body frame size - decide whether you're small, medium or large frame.

A tape measure comes in handy now.

Measure your wrist with the tape measure.

The results could be:

  • If it's exactly 6 inches, you're medium frame, hence you don't need to adjust the body weight you calculated above

  • If it's less than 6 inches, you're small frame, so minus 10% from your body weight

  • If it's more than 6 inches, you're large frame, so add 10% to your body weight

Not hard at all to calculate ideal body weight, huh?

OK, Got a Hang Already how to Calculate Ideal Body Weight?

Now let's get down to how many calories you need per day. It boils down to how active you're, like this:

  • If you're absolutely inactive and don't exercise, multiply your body weight weight by 11

  • If you exercise 2-3 times per week, multiply your body weight by 13

  • If you exercise 4-5 times per week, multiply your body weight by 15

  • If you exercise 6-7 times per week, multiply your body weight by 18

The Fat Intake

Let's see, we've got body weight and number of calories in place, now we can easily figure out how much fat we can eat.

Most nutritionists recommend the following fat intake:

  • If you just want to maintain weight, limit daily fat intake to 30% of your total calories

  • A no brainer here, if you want to lose weight or if have a history of heart disease or cancer, limit your daily fat intake to....20% of your total calories 

Ladies, that's the main gist on how to calculate ideal body weight......


Height and Weight Table for Women

I know, I know.....

You're an "expert" now on how to calculate ideal body weight.....

You're now burning to know your "ideal" body weight, factoring in your height and body frame size......

I'm giving you a very rough indication of what this is all about.....

The best is still going by the method on how to calculate ideal body weight per above.

Here we go:

Height And Weight Table

I want to say this - these are statistical averages and not absolutes. If you're muscular, the chart may not apply to you.

But What's your Healthy Body Weight?

Can losing 5, 10, 15, 20 lbs etc..... really make a difference?

According to studies on how to calculate ideal body weight and how to manage weight, it can.

Believe it or not, if you’re carrying an extra 10 lbs, you can expect to lose 12 months off your life - since the likelihood is higher that it could bring more hazards to your cardiovascular health than diabetes or living with a smoker....

(Note: Smoking itself can take 60 months off of your life....).

Is there Harm to "yo-yo" Dieting (or "weight cycling" as it's known)?

Yes, there is.

If you repeatedly lose and gain weight, you might face serious effects like:

  • Overall higher risk of death

  • Greater risk of heart disease and some cancers than say your friend, whose weight remains stable or steadily increases, even if she's overweight

  • You could have lower bone mineral density, which could increase your risk of osteoporosis later in life

  • If you subscribe to weight loss programs that claim rapid weight loss (which rarely are successful over the long-term), you could get depression, anger and frustration. Worse, you might eventually regain weight faster and weigh more than when you initially started 

One simple way to lose weight - lose 1 lb per week. This was what I did way back to lose 20 lbs off me. It's the healthy way to lose weight.

You (and I) should lose weight gradually and not to lose more than 2 lbs per week.

Anything over 2 lbs - you're likely to lose more than fat; you're losing lean body tissue. Lean body tissue isn't only muscle, it's all other tissues in your body besides fat.

This means you could be losing something from your hair, nails, skin, heart and blood vessels and you could be at greater health risk.

So looks like besides knowing how to calculate ideal body weight, you should know how to lose weight safely and healthily too.

How to Maintain the Weight once you’ve lost it??

I go for these tried and true methods:

  • Exercise regularly - 3-4 times per week, for 60 minutes per session. Exercise, particularly cardio, kick starts my metabolism into higher gear, so I've higher fat-burning capacity, to burn off excess body fat

  • Eat healthily and smartly to achieve calorie balance

  • Focus on positive health benefits - higher energy, stronger stamina, better endurance......

  • Internal motivation - I motivate myself by this: " I'm doing this to get in charge of my life" rather than on reasons like: "I wanna get into that size 4 tight jeans"; "I wanna flaunt my sexy abs and legs" or "I wanna......"

  • Gradual changes in life style and eating habit rather than dramatic, overnight overwhelming changes that "frighten" people 

I want to add that the combo of exercise and healthy eating is the way to go and you can expect to enjoy greater weight loss this way.

Studies conclude that with this combo, you can lose more weight and fat and have greater improvement in the waist-to-hip ratio plus you could maintain the results for at least 3 years after the weight loss.

If you just go on the "healthy eating" part, you tend to gain back all of the weight you lost, plus more, within 2 years.

So, what's the Key to Calculate Ideal Body Weight?

Remember, it's your gender, height and body frame size.

If you're overweight per your height and body frame size, don't go for "yo yo" dieting or "dieting" alone; go for the combo of exercise and healthy eating that will bring you successful weight loss.

Be realistic when aim for weight loss.

It takes time to gain weight, so it takes time to lose it as well.

Set a reasonable weight loss goal based on a slow, steady course - it will max your probability of both losing weight and keeping it off.

Try it!

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