Calf Exercises Are Calf Shapers

Why do I say that?

Because calf exercises really shape up my calf to nice, firm form!

Calf Muscles - Integral Parts of my Legs

I used to think that I don't need to do toning exercise for my calf because my calf muscles aren't as important as my quadriceps or hamstring muscles in defining shape of my legs.

I was wrong!

Calf muscles actually play an important part in helping to define the shape of my legs.

So, I incorporated exercises for my calf into my leg toning program.

The result?

I can wear high heels to show off my shapely calf.


And I would not easily succumb to shin splint, an injury that's ugly and painful to say the least.

It happens when the shin muscles at front of your lower legs are slightly separated away from the bone.

Strong calf through a routine of calf exercise prevents this ugly injury.

Calf Muscles, you Familiar with them?


Then quickly, let's take a look at them.

Your calf (together with your shins) is made up of 3 major muscle groups:

  • The Gastrocnemius

    This is your largest calf muscle found at the backs of your lower legs. Its function is to help you stand on your toes.

  • The Soleus

    This is the second muscle of your calf, found underneath the Gastrocnemius. Its function is to help you lift your heels from a seated position when you press your toes into the ground.

  • The Tibialis Anterior

    This is the third muscle of your calf, found at the fronts of your lower legs. Its function is to help you flex your foot when you press your heels into the ground.

After acquainted with your calf muscles, let's launch into the actual calf exercise routine.

The Calf Routine

1: The Calf Lift

This exercise works wonder for your calves

Getting Into Position

Stand tall with your feet together, heels touching, toes pointing out at about 45 degree-angle.

Your hands are on your hips.

The Exercise

Slowly raise your body weight to the balls of your feet.

Squeeze your calves at the top of your lift, then release your legs back to the floor.

(For easier understanding, imagine you're a ballet dancer. Have you seen a ballerina standing on her toes?)

Do 12 repetitions.

2: The Heel Raise

This exercise powerfully works on your calves

Getting Into Position

Stand on one foot, the other foot resting behind your supporting leg.

Both hands are on your hips.

The Exercise

Slowly raise your body weight unto the balls of the supporting foot.

Squeeze your calf at the top of the lift, then release your leg back to the floor.

Do 12 repetitions.

Repeat with the other leg.

3: The Calf Raise

This exercise sculpts and strengthens your calves

Getting Into Position

Sit tall and erect on the edge of a chair, your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Place both your hands, palms facing down, on tops of your thighs.

The Exercise

Raise your heels up on tiptoes, as high as you possibly can.

Oppose this upward movement by pushing down the tops of your thighs with your hands.

Hold for a while at top of the movement.

Slowly lower to the starting position while still keep pushing down tops of thighs with your hands.

Do 12 repetitions.

OK, you're Done with the Calf Exercises

You'll be more than pleased to appreciate that your calf is nicely taking on leaner shape and slimming down, in about 6 - 8 weeks.

Slip into your elegant high heel shoes and flaunt your slim, beautiful calf for all to see!

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