Chest Workouts Nicely Firm Up Your Breasts For Sexy, Beautiful Curves

Chest workouts like these powerfully condition and shape breasts into beautiful, firm curves.  Who would not want that?

Friends have complimented me saying that I look sensually smashing in sexy, low-cut dresses (I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet here!).

At first, I was reluctant to try out any kinds of chest exercises when I started out because I feared that working on my chest would land me into looking like a gladiator!

Chest Toning


Tone your chest with my straightforward exercise routine. 5 minutes long. Instant download

And you would have heard some myths about chest workouts as well, like:

  • Chest exercises will increase your breasts

    Well, I hate to disappoint you but chest exercises will never increase your breasts
  • Chest exercises will increase the sizes of your breasts

    Well, again I'm going to disappoint you because chest exercises will never increase the sizes of your breasts

My trainer (Chris) told me that chest toning would be good for my body shape as a well-balanced body physique should be my goal.

I should thus incorporate chest muscles as one of the major muscles to exercise on.

So, here I am telling you this from my experience.

OK, coming right back on track....

What Kinds of Results?

Actually what chest workouts accomplish is helping you keep your breasts firm.

I think this is really a plus point for us ladies, don't you think so?

Let me put it this way - you don't need to have large breasts to have a sexy, beautifully sculpted chest.

Whether you've large or small breasts, it boils down to the fact that to have a well-balanced and toned body, you'll need to include chest exercises in your chest toning program.

The result of working out your chest can be quite encouraging when you:

  • Develop stronger chest muscles that will actually hold up and lift your breasts, making them appear firmer and tighter

  • See "line" developing down the center of the chest, between your breasts

    This is a slight indentation formed by the increase in size and definition of chest muscles on either side.

    It creates an impression that you've cleavages.

Let me Quickly Run Through what Muscles Make up your Chest

two women doing pushups

Pectoral (pec for short) muscles in fact make up your chests.

It consists of:

  • The Pectoralis Major that runs diagonally from your collarbone to the top of your arm

  • The Pectoralis Minor that runs from your breastbone to your upper arm

These muscles help you to push objects like strollers and shopping carts or push people away if they get in your ways.

Not only these jobs pectoral muscles do.

When you water plants, wash cars or catch balls, you automatically use the pectoral muscles as well.

Hence, keeping your pectoral muscles strong is a must.

Strong pectoral muscles not only help make some of your daily tasks easier, they help prevent injury while you do sports and other activities.

The Chest Workouts

I'm going to take you through a chest toning routine that's primarily targeting at your pectorals to keep your pecs in great-looking condition.

So, let's get going.

Whole Body Toning Video

Body Sections Toning Videos

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