Effective Exercises For Frozen Shoulder
Bring Increased Mobility And Flexibilty To Your Shoulder

Exercises to Free a Frozen Shoulder
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I have here a few exercises for frozen shoulder that you can consider doing, to help you optimize your range of motion, reduce inflammation, and eliminate pain.

The frozen shoulder condition, which is also known as “adhesive capsulitis”, happens when the joint of your shoulder has lost a large amount of its range of motion because scarring has occurred around the joint. This condition may also develop because of complications with the capsule that immediately surrounds the impacted joint.

Exercise for a Frozen Shoulder is Simple and Easy

If you have frozen shoulder, you should do exercises daily to improve it. They are relatively simple and easy movements that may have a significant positive impact on your health.

In most instances, the medical treatment for frozen shoulder involves a combination of cortisone shots, medications that reduce inflammation, and even physical therapy; however, the range of motion exercises I feature below have proven to be effective without all of the other types of treatments so be consistent and you will get relief!

These exercises improve the range of motion in your shoulder, strengthen the joint, and/or eliminate pain once and for all.

The Towel Stretch

One of the easiest exercises for frozen shoulder is the towel stretch. You simply hold a towel, three feet in length, behind your back. You should hold it in a horizontal position.

  • You should take the arm that is not detrimentally impacted by frozen shoulder and pull the arm that is affected in an upward motion. This will aid in stretching your arm.
  • Once the affected arm is in the stretched position, leave it for a few seconds or so, release, and repeat.

For optimal results, do this exercise 20 to 25 times daily.

Finger Walk Exercises For Frozen Shoulder

To do these exercises for frozen shoulder, you should stand in front of a wall, approximately ¾ of the length of your arm away.

  • Once you are in position, you should then reach out to the wall and touch it with the tips of your fingers.
  • Bend your elbow just a tad and walk the fingers up the wall. You should relax your shoulder muscles and that your finger muscles are actually performing the exercise.
  • You should not stop “walking” your fingers up the wall until you are unable to reach any further in a comfortable fashion.
  • Once you have reached this point, then lower your arm very slowly and repeat.

You should do this exercise for frozen shoulder at least 10 to 25 times each day, with each arm.

Reaching Across Your Body

This exercise is considered highly effective to relieve frozen shoulder condition. It forces you to stretch by reaching across your body. To do this exercise, you may sit or stand – it all depends on your comfort level.

  • Once you are in position,, you should take your good, healthy arm and use it to carefully lift the arm affected by frozen shoulder.
  • Once you lift, take the arm and place it across your body.
  • You then place a small amount of pressure and/or exertion on the arm in order to stretch it.
  • Once you have stretched to your comfort level, you should hold your arm there for up to 20 seconds.

It is best for you to do this exercise anywhere from 10 to 20 times daily.

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