"Intelligent" Face Exercises To Combat Lines And Wrinkles On Your Face

A More Youthful Face

Through face exercises, you could acquire a more youthful look non-surgically with a natural beauty and glowing radiance on your skin that minus years from your face.

You believe or not?

I didn't believe.

Back then.

That's because I always thought a good skin care regime that's suitable for my skin will do the whole works for my face: skin care, skin health, skin tone, skin elasticity, skin suppleness, skin vibrancy, skin glow......

Sounds like an "All-In-One" package kind of promotion,eh?

Then I did exercise for my face that well, you know, sort of helped me to discover the beauty of face exercises - a smoother, youthful-looking face and skin.

You know that toning and exercising your different muscle groups help you to carve strong and lean muscles that give pleasing, curvier appearance to your entire body.

The same with your face too.

The elasticity and health of your skin depends a lot on the underlying tone, strength and vitality of your supporting facial muscles.

The lines, wrinkles, folds and bags you see aren't really wrinkles and lines per se, but are the supportive muscles in your face going soft and losing their firmness which cause them unable to support your skin.

Exercising and toning your face will strengthen these supportive muscles, improve your skin strength and skin tone.

The increased blood flow to the skin will help in bringing nutrition to, and removing of, toxins from your skin.

Face exercises, done correctly and regularly, will firm up your jaw line, tone and smooth your cheeks, make lips fuller, debag puffy eyes and in general make you look more youthful.

I'll show you a face exercise program that'll help you tone, uplift and redefine the muscles of your face.

You'll see an increase in your facial firmness and muscle strength. And the facial exercises improve blood circulation on your face, resulting in you having a natural healthy glow.

A double bonus for you - a toned body and a toned face!

woman doing face exercises

Let's do the face exercises that I've talked so much about.

Brow Exercise

Put each of your index finger right above your eyebrows.

Gently pull fingers downward while trying to lift eyebrows.

Hold for 5 seconds.

Eye Exercises

The skin around your eye is the thinnest and the most fragile. Fine lines and wrinkles in this area can give impression of much aging.

Regular face exercises will smooth away the lines, giving you an "eye lifting" effect.

Eye Exercise 1

Gently tone the muscles of your eyes by pressing two fingers on each side of your head, at the temples, while opening and closing your eyes rapidly.

Do 5 times.

Eye Exercise 2

Sit up straight, eyes closed and relaxed.

While keeping your eyes closed the whole time, first look down and then look up as far as possible.

Do 10 times.

Eye Exercise 3

Sit up straight, eyes relaxed and open.

Lift your eyebrows while closing your top eyelids until about halfway closed, then open your eyelids wide until the white of your eye shows over your iris.

Eye Exercise 4

Sit up straight, look straight ahead with your eyes open.

Look up and then down, while keeping your head still.

Do 10 times.

Then look left and right.

Do 10 times.

Forehead Exercises

The area on your forehead especially the area between your eyebrows, can easily become lined and full of wrinkles.

A round of forehead exercises can help to soften the lines and wrinkles.

Forehead Exercise 1

Frown as much as possible, try to bring your eyebrows over your eyes while pulling the eyebrows toward one another.

Then lift your eyebrows as far as possible while opening your eyes as far as possible.


Do 5 times.

Forehead Exercise 2

Lie on your bed facing the ceiling, head hanging over the edge.

Lift eyebrows as high as possible, with your eyes opening very wide.


Do 10 times.

Lip Exercise

While doing this face exercise, just imagine you're crushing a pencil in the center of your lips

Put your index finger between your lips and slowly withdraw but tightening the lips all the time until you can feel the 'burn'.

Lips and Cheeks Exercise

Note: This face exercise is excellent for toning your lips as well as cheek muscles

Hmmm....You might not want to be seen doing this exercise because....Whoops! The way to do it is .....Hey, read the instruction!

Suck the first joint of index finger as hard as you can. Count to 5, then slowly release.

Do 10 times and increase to 30 over a period of time.

Face Exercise To Prevent Sagging Jowls

Here's one exercise you might want to do in privacy so as not to frighten the kids or make people wonder!

"Poof" your lips out as far as you can, then bring them back into as wide a grin as possible, holding for one second.

Return to the "poof" position again and hold for another one-second count.

Do 10 times, gradually increasing to 30.

Neck Exercises

You know, your neck is often overlooked - until you started noticing the "crepe" look beneath your collars.

Don't wait until then!

Do a round of exercises for your neck now to keep the skin smooth and tight.

Neck Exercise 1

With finger and thumb, "pinch" a portion of your neck skin and gently pull down as you raise your head.

Use neck and throat muscles to pull against the tug of your fingers.

Do 10 times, then increase to 20.

Neck Exercise 2

This is a great exercise for your neck (and throat area too).

Sit upright, tilt head back looking at the ceiling while keeping your lips closed and then start a chewing movement.

You'll feel the muscles working in your neck and throat area - and will be truly amazed at the results.

Repeat 20 times.

In Addition To Face Exercises - More Insights

You've finished the facial exercises, now I want to tell you more about these exercises.

  • Just like your toning exercise, facial exercises should be done regularly to achieve and maintain results. I do mine 3 times per week to maintain results

  • To get your facial muscles up to "mark", do the above exercises daily, for at least a month, or until the desired result is seen, and then 3 times a week to maintain results

  • I want to say that no matter how good your skin care regime is or how good your skin care products are, you would still need face exercises to maintain the base muscles of your skin

  • Similarly, doing face exercises alone may not help you get a more vibrant and youthful-looking skin

    For a truly beautiful skin, both exercises and a good skin care regime would have to go hand-in-hand to do the work.

No "Side-Effects", if you do Correctly

And don't you worry about a thing when doing face exercises because:

  • They DO NOT cause wrinkles if done correctly - they actually help to make you look younger for longer period, without a surgical face lift

    Note: face exercises done correctly means placing your fingers carefully exactly where your skin has a tendency to wrinkle up, and press down, while tensing the muscles under the part of the face that had drooped

    You'll know when you've found the right muscle because that part of the face with slack muscle tone will firm up.

  • They DO NOT cause baggy skin if done correctly. Only incorrect exercises would cause problems, in the same way that incorrect exercises can injure a muscle in your body

The Results

This program of facial exercises takes some time to bring results, so don't expect dramatic changes overnight.

Increased tautness and the beginnings of cheek-thickening (a result of muscle building up) usually occur in about 3 to 6 weeks.

In my case, only after 3 months, I notice a general overall lift and a feeling of firmness and softening of fine lines and wrinkles.

And for the most noticeable result, I think you got to be patient, it'll be between 6 months and a year.

And no kidding..... quitting smoking will help to boost results of your face exercises. I don't smoke, but I've seen wreckage on smokers' face.......

Hope you have a more youthful-looking, vibrant and rejuvenated face soon!

Oh, yes, one more area of your face which I have not touched yet - your chin.

The trouble with your chin is that it sags with age and creates an impression of you having a double chin.

I'll show you a program of double chin exercises that will make your double chin "disappear", so you could have a well-defined chin.

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