What? Fat Burning Food? Does It Exist?

Melting the Fat

Are you looking for a fat burning food that has the capacity to melt the fat and make it easier for your body to flush it out?

Look no further.

Get your hands (and mouth) on fruits and vegetables pronto! They're the best fat burning foods in town.

Take fruits.

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits and tangerines are not only rich in vitamin C, they're also good in diluting the fat deposits in your body. The diluted fat becomes ineffective and in easier form for your body to flush it out.

Like apples and berries which contain a chemical called pectin, helps to limit your cells' capacity to absorb fat and also helps cells to release their fat deposits.

Now Vegetables

Brussels sprouts, carrots and cauliflowers are good in stimulating your pancreas and kidney to flush out the wastes, hence cleanse your body cells.

Lettuces, radishes and horseradishes are rich in iron and magnesium which in turn have fat dissolving properties. These 2 minerals kind of speed up your metabolic process, to burn off the fat deposits in your body.

You fancy carrots and onions? No? You lose out lots then because they increase your metabolism to help you burn off more fat.

How about beets, cucumber, garlic, cabbage? They're diuretics - they break down fat to make it easier for your body to get rid of fat.

Other Foods

Asides fruits and vegetables, what other types of fat burning food you can eat, to help you either dissolve or flush out fat in your body?

Do foods high in fiber appeal to you? Like grains, root vegetables (sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips), tough-skinned fruits and raw nuts and seeds.

Sorry if you aren't their great fans but you should really make them your favorite foods.

The fibers in them not only help to rinse your body cells of fat but also help to fill you up quickly and decrease your body's calorie absorption rate, to reduce your hunger pangs.

You eat less. Flush out more fat. Lose weight.

How about fat?

You say: "Surely not!"

Well, contrary to what you think, corn, peanut and sunflower oils and fatty acids in fishes and some vegetable oils are natural fat burning foods that help your body get rid of harmful fats and also provide you with the recommended fat ration.

Do you know there's one most thermogenic food around?

(P/S: Thermogenic = all foods are thermogenic because your body must use energy to digest them so in the event you burn calories)

Lean protein.

From chicken, turkey (the breasts).

From very lean red meat such as top round and lean sirloin.

From fish, shellfish and other seafood.

From egg whites.

This is due to the fact that lean protein has the highest thermic effect and helps you to burn off more calories.

According to fat loss expert Tony Venuto, when you combine thermogenic lean protein foods with the right amounts and types of essential fats, add in plenty of green vegetables and just the right amount of natural starchy carbs and whole grains (at the right times), your body will literally turn into a turbo-charged fat burning machine.

He recommends a simple meal that put together a few fat burning food with high thermogenic properties, to help in the process of burning fat:

  • Green vegetable or fibrous vegetable (such as asparagus, green beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower....)

  • Combine that with one of the lean proteins (chicken, fish, very lean cut of sirloin)

  • Add in natural starch carbs or grains (brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes)

Less Fat Diet

OK, the fat burning food list, is that enough for you to get going?

To change your diet pattern and become healthier due to less fat now in your body?

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