Foods That Burn Calories Are None Other Than Negative Calorie Foods

You Know there are Foods that Burn Calories?

vegetables like these are just some of the foods that can help burn calories

More precisely, I'm talking about foods that burn more calories than they contain; a real steal if you tend to tip over to the high side on calories count......

Known as negative calorie foods, these are foods that use up more calories in the digestion process than are actually in the foods themselves.

Your body has to work harder to convert these foods into energy and this gives them an excellent fat-burning advantage over many other types of food you normally eat.

They make your body burn more calories than you take in when you eat, which of course make these foods "dream foods" to eat. You could eat them all day long with no pang of guilt that you'd over shot your calorie count for the day!

Nice, eh?

What are these Foods that Burn Calories?

Not what you think - some magic, exotic, expensive food stuffs which are beyond your reach....

They're the fruits and vegetables you eat everyday.


Apples; apricots; berries; grapes; grapefruits; kiwi; oranges; strawberries; tangerines; watermelon


Asparagus; beets; broccoli; cabbage; celery; carrots; cauliflower; cucumbers; hot chili peppers; lettuce; spinach; sweet potatoes; tomatoes; yam and zucchini.

However, if you just eat these foods and no other stuffs, thinking that since they burn calories, the more you eat, the more calories you burn.......

Hello, you could hit malnutrition and that's a NO-NO thing.

(Note: You need to eat a variety of foods that gives you a balanced and nutritious diet that gives you nutrients and promotes health and well-being)

But these foods that burn calories are excellent for snacks. In fact, they're the winners hands down as snack foods.

Just think about it -

When the snack crave kicks in and if you can switch over from junk food (which are empty calories food) to a variety of these fruits and vegetables of equal calories, you not only would get more vitamins and minerals; you would have added enzymes that might well speed up your metabolic rate to burn off calories at an accelerated rate too!

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone?

Other Foods

Apart from the mentioned fruits and vegetables, I'm throwing in a few more other foods that burn calories, to spice up your snacks and menu......

1. Water

Just so you know, the burning of calories needs water to work. So, guzzle 8 big glasses of water every day to facilitate the process.

Want proof?

Studies show that if you drink say 2 big glasses of water, your metabolism would begin to rise within 10 minutes of your final sip.

After 40 minutes, your average calories burning rate would be 30% higher and stays elevated for more than an hour.

Besides, water's your best buddy in health - quenches your thirst, moistens your whole body, moisturizes your skin and helps prevent dehydration, which can slow down your metabolism, hence you burn less calories.

2. Salmon

If you eat salmon 3 or 4 times per week, you would have higher levels of leptin - a hormone that's said to control appetite and promote fat loss.

Studies showed that people given leptin injections lose about 4 times as much weight (most of it from fat) than those who don't receive leptin.

Salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which regulate your body's blood-sugar levels, which then help keep your hunger at bay.

3. Lean Meats

Chicken, turkey, sirloin steak, tuna, lentils and fortified cereals are rich in iron, the mineral that's essential for forming hemoglobin and carrying oxygen in your red blood cells.

If you don't have enough oxygen carrying hemoglobin, your energy flags, your metabolism slows and you know the rest.....Less calories burned!

4. Almonds

Try add a couple of almonds into your daily menu. They help you to burn off calories and help stabilizing your blood sugar level, which wards off hunger.

However, almonds are high in calories, so don't eat too much of them. A couple of them per day is enough to help keep your hunger away.

5. High Fiber Foods that Burn Calories

Besides fruits & vegetables, whole grains foods are rich in fiber too.

You need more calories to burn fiber (than fat) so eating whole grains would boost your metabolism. Plus they help to lower your cholesterol and hasten your waste and toxin elimination.

Examples of whole grains: beans; oats; barley; brown rice; soy and whole grain pasta/bread.

Good Nutrient Food Actually

Is it hard to eat foods that burn calories? It's not, right?

Moreover, these kinds of foods benefit you heaps since they're healthy and dense with nutrients.

So don't be afraid to eat them and in the process burn calories!

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