How Do I Perk Up My Bust?

by Cherrie

Pectoral exercises, such as the push up, may help with some

Pectoral exercises, such as the push up, may help with some

I am 19 years old, 34C but recently I have noticed my bust isn't as high as it should be. How do I perk up my bust?

It's quite saggy and for my age I find this a bit weird. I am a size 8 in clothes so I know I don't have a lot of fat on me but surely because I am skinny this can't mean my bust will sag, does it?

My Answer

We women have this fear in us…the sagginess of our breasts as we age……. The natural aging process, having babies, engaging in breastfeeding, and all sorts of other issues have a toll on you - loss of elasticity of collagen in your breasts…..

Collagen is the connective tissue located underneath your skin and is the cushion that supports the “perkiness” of your bust. Collagen aside, there are also other factors that may cause your bust to sag or affect its perkiness:

  1. If you have not been exercising enough or doing the right amount of exercise. This is because exercise helps build up muscle mass, giving support to your bust

  2. Genetically inclined to have sagging breasts.

  3. When you wear wrong size of bra or you go braless

  4. Not drinking enough water

  5. Sun exposure causes premature aging of your breasts.

  6. If you smokes, it causes elastin in your body to break down…. Elastin is what gives your skin a youthful appearance. Not only your breasts sag, it also makes you look older.

  7. If your body weight fluctuates, it may result in loss of bust perkiness. This is common for yo-yo dieters.

Perk Up Your Breast!

Are you ready to reduce sagginess and perk up your breasts? One way to do this is to do pectoral exercises that target at your pectoral muscles.

When you have strong pectoral muscles, they actually hold up your breasts and perk them up.

I would recommend you do the following pectoral exercises to perk up your breasts:

  1. Push Ups

  2. Chest Extensions

  3. Pullovers

  4. Weight Exercises with Arms

  5. Cable Crossovers

There is Hope!

You may think that once your breasts start to sag, there is no going back. This is a common myth/misconception among women.

I say, there is hope still for your breasts! Try do these 3 things:

  • Focus on exercises that work out your pectoral muscles;

  • Drink lots of water; and

  • Stop smoking.

You will perk up your breasts!

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