How to Get a Nice, Curvy Toned Body

by Anonymous

I want a body like this of Vanessa Hudgens

I want a body like this of Vanessa Hudgens

I am a 16 year old girl, 5 feet 5 inches, and 125 lbs. My measurements currently are 34-26-35. I don't look that proportionate. Like I kind of look straight up, straight down. I have some kind of curve but it's not that noticeable. I want to be able to get a nice, toned body that has curves.

Like a tight waist and nice flat abs and curvy hips. I want my curves to be noticeable. I also want lean, muscular legs.

What do I have to do to get this while at home? Is that possible?

My Answer

Vow! The body you dream for definitely is "out of this world"!

Your concern is because your body shape is not "proportionate", "straight up, straight down" with no noticeable curves.

What I want to say is that how curvy and shapely your body is depends quite a lot on your body shape, whether it's ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph.

I gather from your own description of your body shape you're more likely a ectomorph. Well, many people will envy you for having this body shape because you tend to be slim and not easy to put on weight. The only disadvantage is the "straightness" of the shape with no beautiful, sensual curves.

Don't worry! A proper exercise routine that targets at these so-called "troubled spots" will help you chisel curves in all the right places and gives you a total body makeover.

Here's my suggested exercise program for you which you might want to try out:

1. Do cardio exercise (e.g. running, walking, dancing, swimming, biking, jogging.....) to keep off unwanted excess fat in your body,if any.

If you don't have this "fat" problem, well congratulation! But still, a round of cardio exercise 3-4 times per week for say 30 minutes will help you maintain your weight plus keep your heart and lungs in good shape.

2. Do a whole body toning program like the one featured here , to not only strengthen all your major muscle groups all at one go in one exercise session but also build beautiful, compact and tight lean muscle mass that gives rise to "curves", definitions and shapes to all your muscles due to the strength, compactness and tightness of the lean muscle mass.

Workout 3-4 times per week for say 20 - 30 minutes per session.

3. Do stretching exercise which promotes flexibility and agility in your muscles and joints and also provides a "leaner and longer stance" to your muscles, so you give people the impression that you look slimmer and "taller".

Stretch for 10 minutes or so after each session of the whole body toning workout.

You can do these 3 exercises at the comfort of your home except may be the cardio exercise which you might want to do it outdoor.

For example, running, walking, swimming, jogging are outdoor activities. However, you can still do them indoor on a treadmill (walking, running and jogging) or on a stationary bike (for biking). But nothing beats doing them in the open space where air is fresher (compare to indoor air) and the surrounding is more interesting. What say you?

I would like to say that consistency and regularity in doing these 3 exercises are a must, to get satisfying results.

You should give your body sufficient time to get acclimatized to the exercise load you put on it. In about 6-8 weeks, your body will begin to take on a more compact, leaner and slimmer form with more curves.

As for your diet, I guess you don't have much problem there due to the nature of your body shape which doesn't accumulate fat that easily.

However, for all-rounded health and well-being, I encourage you to eat a well-balanced, healthy and nutritious diet, to build up your body frame since you're a teen girl and hence still at the growing stage. If you get sufficient nutrients from the food you eat, you will be able to carve out an even more beautiful body.

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Nov 14, 2011
hw to get curvy body
by: Anonymous

I am 18 years old and my weight is 41 kg. I have a very lean straight body. My arms and legs are extremely thin.

I want a curvy toned body. What do I do? I eat as much as possible but it does not seem to work out.

Cecelia's Comment

Well, toning exercise helps to strengthen and redefine your "problem" areas - your arms and legs.

Start toning and strengthening your arm and leg muscles with a arm and leg routine of 3-4 times per week for at least 20 minutes per session.

The strength and tone from the workout will build up your arms and legs that in turn gives "shape" and definitions to these 2 areas of your body, resulting in a leaner, tighter and slimmer silhouette.

For arm toning, go to:

For leg toning, go to:

May 13, 2010
What Exercise is Suitable for my Body Type?
by: Anonymous

I am 13 years old, 134 lbs and have trouble losing weight. I have been working out with some of your recommended routines for about 3 days and I feel pretty good. I just don't know if I'm doing the right routines for my body type.

I have medium arms, large legs, hips, thighs and medium stomach. I have a unusually large chest, which I would like to firm up to decrease the size.

I don't only want to look good, but also want a healthier lifestyle. I am doing the Flat Belly Diet with my family and everyone else has lost weight except me, so I figured I needed to workout a bit more. I think my body weight is pretty evenly proportioned, just a little too large for some muscle groups.

Do you have any specific workouts you think would help me?

Cecelia's Comment

With larger legs, hips, thighs, chest and a medium tummy, it looks like you have a body shape that's known as "Mesomorph".

This body shape causes you to store fat evenly all over your body and you have no problem gaining beautiful lean muscle mass, an advantage to you since the more lean muscle mass you pack into your body, the easier for you to lose weight.

Have a read on the different types of body shapes for us girls here so that you understand better how it all adds up to help you battling your weight problem.

I believe these 2 exercise routines would work for your body:

1. Cardio Exercise

This is the most powerful way to hike up your metabolic rate to higher level, causing you much easier to burn off any excess fat from all over your body, to slim you down.

Go for high intensity cardio exercise(s) like running; dancing; biking; swimming; brisk walking and rope jumping, which are all cardio dynamos that torch off considerable amount of calories, in a 60-minute session of workout.

Do it 3-4 times per week for at least 30 minutes per session.

2. Toning Workout Routine

As you have a number of "troubled" areas to take care of, I recommend you go for a whole body toning workout program like the one featured here.

This routine not only strengthens all your major muscle groups all at one go in 1 exercise session but also builds beautiful, compact and tight lean muscle mass that gives rise to "curves", definitions and shapes to all your muscles due to the strength, compactness and tightness of the lean muscle mass.

Workout 3-4 times per week for say 20-30 minutes per session, each time after your cardio workout.

And eating a healthy, well-balanced nutritious diet that promotes weight loss is just as important.

I don't know What and How this Flat Belly Diet works but if it's a diet that contains less fat; less oil; less salt; less carbohydrates and less sugary stuff, then you'd be fine eating it.

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