Inner Thigh Exercises To Get Rid of Fat, Flabby Inner Thighs

The most Satisfying Benefit

When I do a round of inner thigh exercises, I get to have strong, in-shape inner thighs and they help me to avoid and prevent hip injuries.

Hip injuries? Not thigh injuries?

I know you'd wondered.

The fact - your hip and inner thigh muscles are located pretty near each other.

So stronger inner thighs give better support to your hips which are more prone to injuries.

The other surprised benefit was that I could easily slip into any body-hugging jeans without a sweat!

That - was a REAL sweet achievement, by any standard -

That's because I used to grimace when I wanted to put on some tight jeans.

You see, I've to squeeze, twirl and jump around to shove my thighs in to "fit" into the tight jeans. Urgh.....

Imagine that.

But now I don't have to do that anymore.

Thanks to "see-result" inner thigh routine and sensible, healthy weight loss diets, I've nice, in-shape inner thighs that really make me look great in long slacks!

Your inner thighs are muscles that aren't frequently used and activated in your routine activities. They'll thus get thick, flabby and blimey, thunderously heavy!

Only when you consistently do inner thigh exercises, will they then firm up to become tighter and firmer.

Let's have a look at your Inner Thighs

woman doing leg exercises

You would get fresh visualization of where they're and what they do, to help you have better grasp of the inner thigh exercises that you're going to do.

Adductors or inner thighs are muscles that extend along the inside of your thighs.

They help you bring your legs toward the middle of your body.

And that's about all you need to remember about your inner thighs!

Ready to Start your Inner Thigh Exercises?

1: The Tilt & Squeeze

Getting Into Position

Lie on your back on a mat, arms behind your head or at your sides.

Bend your knees and place feet slightly apart and flat on the floor.

Pull in your abdominals toward spine and firmly anchor your lower back to the floor.

The Exercise

Squeeze your butts, tilt your pelvis upward so that your butts are raised up and off the mat but your lower back remains firmly anchored.

Initiate the upward movement by pressing through your heels.

At top of movement, exhale, and squeeze your knees together.

Hold for a moment, inhale, and slowly lower to the starting position.

Do 12 repetitions.

2: Crossover Knee Raise

Getting Into Position

Kneel on your knees and elbows on the mat with your weight distributed evenly.

Your elbows should be directly under your shoulders. Align your neck with the rest of your spine by tucking your chin in slightly.

The Exercise

Exhale, with a flexed foot, keeping your knee bent in a 90-degree angle, lift one knee up to hip height so that the sole of your foot is pressed up toward the ceiling.

Inhale, keeping your knee bent, lower your leg and as you do so, cross your knee over to the outside of the calf of your other leg. Lower your knee so that it's just off the mat.

Do 12 repetitions.

Switch legs and do the same number of repetitions with the other leg.

3: Inner Thigh Press Out

Getting Into Position

Lie on your back on a mat, arms at your sides.

Spread your legs a few feet apart, straighten them upward so that they're directly over your hips.

Flex your feet so your soles are facing the ceiling. Cross one arm over the other and place the palm of each hand on the inside of the opposite thigh below the knee.

The Exercise

Exhale, close your legs together while resisting the inward movement by pressing outward with your hands. Do this for a slow count of 5, taking care to maintain proper body alignment.

Inhale, return to the starting position.

Do 12 repetitions.

Enjoy the Exercises?

Do you enjoy the terrific inner thigh exercises?

Come 6 -8 weeks, you'll be sweetly rewarded with well-toned, slimmer inner thighs!

But you got to do the exercises regularly 3 times per week to see that nice shaped inner thighs.

I bet you can do that.

Go for it!

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