Teen Workout? No Difference From Adult Workout .........

What Choice of Workout for Teens?

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Teen workout should consist of cardio exercise, muscle strengthening exercise (i.e. toning exercise or strength training exercise) and stretching, to increase your health and strength.

It's a sensitive subject because there are lots of misconceptions out there about it.

Your parents might be against it because they think you're too young for it.

You yourself might not be sure whether you should workout.

Hey, rest easy!

Workout is healthy and good for your body. It's the right thing to do.

As young as aged 2, every one should have some forms of exercises and workouts already.

So, there's no two way about it.

But lots of teens take workout to the extremes - you workout excessively to the point of becoming an exercise bulimic!

That's dangerous and harmful to your body!

Don't do it.

Healthy Teen Workout

It consists of:

1. Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise does 2 main things for you:

  • Works and strengthens your heart to strong and fit condition so it's in tip top shape. You condition your heart to pump blood efficiently (i.e. it pumps more blood with less effort).

    That means you'll reduce your risk of heart disease and heart attack in your adult years or even now!

    Do you know that cases of teens contracting heart diseases are on the rise nowadays?

  • Speeds up your metabolism so you burn off excess fat from your entire body, to lose weight or to maintain weight

2. Muscle Strengthening Exercise

I'm talking about muscle training that uses either your own body weight or light weights like the ones featured in this routine.

This program helps to strengthen, firm up and promote growth of your lean muscle mass in all your major muscle groups.

As you develop and build more lean muscle mass, you'll have higher metabolism since lean muscle mass cranks up your basal metabolic rate (i.e. you burn calories even while at rest) to burn off more calories.

1 additional lb of muscle you pack into your body, you'll get to burn off an extra of 30-50 calories per day, without any additional effort from you.

In addition, your muscles become more compact and more tight, hence changing the way your body looks and shapes.

Please don't confuse this teen workout routine with bodybuilding program which involves lifting heavy weights and eating lots of supplements, to build huge, bulky muscles, like a body builder.......

I don't think it's good for you to go for this kind of body building. If you really want it, then you should go to a professional trainer who can prescribe a proper program for you.

The reason I'm not too keen on lifting program is this - it could impede your growth since you're in the growing stage of your life.

3. Stretching

Stretching is as integral a part as cardio and muscle strengthening in a teen workout program.

Don't skip it because you think it isn't important. It's important.

You see, it loosens up tight muscles, prevents soreness and injury, promotes greater flexibility and mobility in your muscles which are heaps of helps in increasing your efficiency of movement.

You'll look better when you stretch consistently - loose limber muscles that get you to stand long, strong and tall. Imagine a graceful dancer stretching at the barre.....

It also improves your posture.

Most of all, it relaxes you as you make a calm transition out of your exercise mood into something else.

Many of you want to know whether stretching helps to increase your height.

The answer's NO.

Height is determined by your genetic make up; if you've tall genes in your family, like if your father or mother is tall, then you probably will grow tall like them too.

Stretching, however, can help to make you look taller due to the improved posture.

OK. That's the Essential for a Teen Workout

No hypes. No gimmicks.

All you need to do is to workout consistently and regularly.

You'll be in good health and in great body shape then!

But remember, no over-doing.

Moderation is the buzz word. That means 3-4 times or 4-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise; 20 minutes of muscle strengthening and 10 minutes of stretching, in 1 session.

It really does a beautiful job for you.

Trust me.

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