The Startling Truths about Toning Workout Routines

The Startling Truths about Toning

Doing stretches and cardio, such as this young woman here, are just some of the ways to keep various parts of your body toned and firm

You get to reap these real meaty parts of toning workout routines.

Here they go......

You replace fat with firm muscles.

You strengthen and define your muscles.

You firm, tighten and tone.

You lose inches of fat.

You sculpt a firm, svelte body physique.

You exude an air of sensuality. Ah!.... you ooze with sex appeal! Mmmm........

But then, you wonder: "Is there a catch somewhere?.............."


Because it sounds like lots of hard work's involved.

Well, you're right.


Look, it's exercise all right.

But exercise that's done to strengthen your muscles and give them forms, shapes and definitions.

How do you do this?


Follow these toning workout routines that are crafted with the "can't miss", "signature" components and you'll be there.....

  • Workout routines for individual muscles: arms, legs, butts, chest, shoulder, stomach, thighs, hips and back, for sculpting and conditioning effect, you know, to help build up lean muscle mass, strength and definitions in these muscles

  • Working out with cardio for your heart's health and for burning off your body fat - a perfect "body toner"!

  • Strength training for building more lean muscles and burning more fat - an excellent body shaper!

  • Stretching for greater flexibility - a wonderful way to keep your muscles in nimble and toned condition

  • Whole body toning for well-balanced, well-proportioned body physique - a realistic way for a whole body makeover!

My confession - for many years, I've been a devoted follower of these routines which give me a beautifully toned, svelte body.

They remained my "cult routine" of working out my body.

Ah... At this stage, can't blame you if you still have lots of questions regarding toning workouts...Click here to ask me!

Spot-toning, good or bad?

You wonder: "toning workout routines for individual muscles.....Er....looks like you're advocating "spot-toning". Thought that's a No No thing?"

Yep. I understand your concern. And I want to address it.

Let's start from "spot-toning" itself.

Lots of views say that we don't "spot-tone", because there's no such thing as "spot-toning". You can't just isolate one specific muscle, say, your thighs to target-tone and hope to see them reduce in sizes.

I agree hands up.

However, it's not wrong to zoom-in to "spot-tone" your "troubled spots".

Heck, you and I and everybody else sure have some of these "troubled spots" to hone in first to take care of ........

OK, what are yours?

Aren't happy with big, heavy thighs? Hey, go ahead, blast them with a series of effective thigh exercises.

Aren't happy with saggy butts? No probs too! Sculpt them to sexy, perky forms with butt exercises.

In a month or two, you'll see and feel the change in the tone and strength of muscles covering your thighs and your butts!

That's toning workout routine for you - "spot-toning", to be exact.

But get this right.

Toning exercise firms, strengthens and builds up the underlying muscles plus it burns off your overall body fat too.

Ah....You see, right? That it doesn't burn fat from a particular spot, but burns fat off your entire body!

So, the smartest thing to do ?

Go for a whole body toning workout routine to get a total firming effect for a well-balanced body physique while burning off fat from your entire body!

And what can you Expect from my "cult" Toning Workout Routines?

A whole bag of "goodies", in fact.

  • Your muscles become stronger, tighter and more defined

  • You take on the shape of a firm, toned and svelte body physique - the shape you've always wanted!

  • You melt away fat and go down a few dress sizes in the sense that your clothes will be looser though your weight may not change much.

  • This is because you're building lean muscles which are denser than fat and take up less space

  • You re-distribute your weight so your physique take on a more balanced proportion

  • You become stronger, stand up straighter and have more energy than before

  • You've healthy body fat percentage I'm throwing in a bonus - teach you how to calculate body fat percentage.... 

When you see these results, I promise you, no matter how you hate to exercise, you'll stick to the toning workout routines because you're motivated when you feel and look good in your body!

Best part of the Bargain - you don't have to Dedicate lots of time Working out!

If you "spot-tone", all you need is 10 minutes, 3 times per week of toning workout routines and you'll soon begin to see positive changes in your "troubled spot(s)", in about 6 weeks, if you exercise consistently.

If you go for a whole body routine, all you need is just 20 minutes, 3 times a week!!!

Once you've toned and strengthened your muscles, to maintain them isn't that difficult - just stick to 3-4 times per week and eat a sensible, healthy, nutritious diet ......

You don't have to exercise till you drop dead to get results!

That's it!

Easy work.

Hard work? Argh!.... because you got to do it!

How about my "awesome" coaching and mentoring to help you out?

What I want to share with you is this - my routine works! I show you the most effective toning workout routines for all muscle groups. I also show you how to eat smart and healthily, to lose weight, the easier way.

If you still feel it's hard work.........

Here - imagine yourself "curvy and beautiful".......

With firmer, sexier butts, flatter abs, shapelier legs & thighs, trimmer hips and slimmer arms ....And you absolutely look fabulous in anything!

There! You probably will jump up and want to get going already!

But, wait.

Haven't you heard somewhere somehow that those "curvy and beautiful you" pictures aren't possible because you're born with a certain body shape that no amount of exercise will ever help change the genetic body form?

I've good news for you!

You can have a curvy and beautiful body, regardless of your body shape!

The "secret"?

You guess right.

Yeah, get down to working out......

With my "cult" toning workout routines.....



May be my little story will stir you up?

I was once a despaired soul because of my round, short body physique. I could console myself and say that I was "petite" but I knew better.

I was constantly battling with dieting as I don't want to put extra weight on my body that would make me look even rounder!

I thought dieting and doing a round of cardio (like running) would help shaped my body into lean, sleek and svelte form and lose weight.

I was disappointed!

You see, after a regimented round of vigorous dieting and running, granted I lost a few kilos and got some toning, but I was still hopelessly round!

I was feeling utterly helpless and was so conscious of my body that when people looked at me or stared at me, I got flustered and wanted to go hiding!

Then..... to cut a long story short....

I got off seriously working out based on my "cult" toning workout routines.

By Jove!

My muscles were toned, firmed and strengthened!

They looked and felt resilient; they didn't droop at the back of my arms or sag at the waist; they felt solid!

And the best ever result was that I went from being "fat and round" to being "lean and trim".

My life was completely turned around!

Believe me.

I also threw in a sensible diet to go with the exercises, and in just 6 months, I had sleek, firm and lean muscles on my body and I looked trimmer. I had a body that I could be proud of and not ashamed of!

I became confident, full of energy and had that nice feeling that I'd looked fit and good.

Oh, oh, oh.......

You're convinced?

S-h-h-h-h.....If you aren't, then here are some little "facts" for you:

  • A strict diet alone would not tone and firm up your muscles as even if you shed 10, 20, 30 kilos, you would still be carrying a smaller version of your body proportion

  • Doing cardios alone will not do the work either. Cardios, when done regularly, will help to improve your stamina, burn fat, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and ease your stress level.

    But what all the cardios CAN'T do is to tone, define and firm your muscles.

    For that, you got to go for toning workout routines.

This type of working out will firm, tighten, tone and carve lean muscles into your body!

Hey, are you with me now?

So, you're now Motivated to start a Toning Workout Routine?

Come on, workout your muscles.

Sweat it out to the tune of high-power, adrenaline-gushing music, to ignite and unleash that "fire" of motivation.

And sample the sweet, sweet results....!

A new found body!

And a beautiful you!

Plus you'll surely enjoy "flaunting" your beautiful body because you know you look better and better!

Plus in the process you become stronger and healthier too!

Done deal?


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Individual Parts Toning Videos

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