Upper Back Stretches are the Best Way To Erase a Tight Upper Back

Feel Tightness in your Upper Back Muscles?

woman doing an upper back and arm stretch

Come, have a round of gentle and relaxing upper back stretches.

The stretches have the magic wonder to erase those tightness away and you enjoy a relaxing stretch that completely rejuvenates you!

These back stretches also work wonders to improve your posture.

They decrease post exercise soreness, help to prevent injury and promote better quality of movement in your upper back muscles.

All for you to have a healthy, flexible upper back!

I always stretch my upper back muscles immediately after I've exercised and toned them.

The stretches complement the upper back exercises I've done.

The "Secret" to Having Good Upper Back Stretches

I know one way to really get a good stretch is by isolating my upper back muscles to target the stretches on them. In this way, my muscles get to stretch out more extensively and effectively.

Also, when I isolate upper back muscles to stretch, I get to gain more control and have choice to vary the limit of my upper back muscle's range of motion, which would give me all-round satisfying stretches.

This is exactly what you'll get in the stretches shown here.

Stretch Exercises for your Upper Back

For all the stretches here, breathe deeply all the way through each stretch

Stretch 1

Sit up straight on mat, your legs crossed.

With your palms facing away from you, lace your fingers together.

Reach both arms upward and stretch tall and long.

To increase the stretch, bend slightly to the right and then to the left.

Hold this position for a while.



Stretch 2

Sit on a chair, both your arms extended in front of you, your hands clasped together.

Round your mid and upper back and drop your chin to your chest, as you reach forward with both of your arms.

(Note: Try to imagine someone pulling your hands away from your body as you resist)

You'll feel the stretch through your upper back and neck.

Hold the stretch for a while.


Stretch 3

On all your fours on the mat, your legs at a 90-degree angle to your upper body.

Draw your buttocks back to your heels, and simultaneously extend your left arm out before you while your forehead rest on your right arm.

Stretch your right arm out further and hold this position for a while.

(Note: You should feel the muscles in your upper back stretching)


Do the right arm.

Soothing and Relaxing Stretches, huh?

There, gently and moving slowly, you've completed your stretches.

You feel great?

Upper back muscles loosen up? Completely unwind?

Your body and mind relax?

Ghee, you're doing great.

Keep it up!

You'll benefit lots from these stretches - gentle, relaxing, calming and designed to prevent injuries!

Give them a try and see how they go with you....

You'll love them!

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